Photographers' Dining Club

A little about the Photographers’ Dining Club

Photographers Dining Club

Thank you for being curious, here’s a little about the concept (and a little about me).

Hello, I’m Anton, portrait photographer (you can see my work here filmmaker, and founder of Photographers’ Dining Club.

Working creatively everyday, I never struggled for good ideas – good ideas are plentiful, however there have been plenty of occasions where I have been stuck on how to ‘make them happen’. This is the hard (and rewarding) bit. It requires a clear vision, strong ability, and a solid network.

The idea for Photographers’ Dining Club came out of the need to learn and connect with photographers ‘who have done it’ and the desire to share it out to other creatives who are stuck on their good ideas.

The ‘Dining Club’ is an evening of photography talks, lovely food, drinks and good company. Meet like minded creatives, share projects, and learn how to ‘make ideas happen’.

The talks are done over diner, so spaces are limited to 30 and you will need to pre-book (buy a ticket)!

This is a non-for-profit event, but not a charity either! I am trying to keep the costs as low as possible, so the ticket simply covers the cost of the meal and bits. Speakers volunteer their time and energy as they share the belief that as individuals we are stronger together.

Hungry to learn? Or just plain hungry? Join us!

Spaces to each event are made available on first come, first served basis and the only way to find out is by joining our mailing list (we don’t spam, promise).

Join us here.

I hope to see you at the next event, thank you for your support!

Thank you


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