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Photographers Interview – Jasper White

Chris's Shed

1. So, what’s working life like for an agency represented photographer?

I’ve been working in advertising photography for the last ten years for many international clients,  working life involves a lot of pitching and hard work for each job won, it’s a tuff industry, but I feel very lucky to be a part of it.


2. I love your ‘Sheds’ project, could you give us a bit of an overview of what it is and how it came about?

This series explores the curious and intriguing world of the Australian Shed. Often referred to as ‘Man Caves’. All shed’s are labours of love. They capture an essence of the owner, their past, present and hopes for the future. This series of photographs opens the tin roof and allows us to look into these men’s havens.

It started in a small town called Natimuk in Victoria, known for its hospitable residents and 50-degree summers, I was invited to share a cold beer (some of the best ideas start that way) in a shed called the ‘boozy gully.’

Always in search of a new project I saw the space I was in have as much of a strong character as the person sat in front of me. So documenting sheds became my mission and the journey of man caves began.

I completed this project in order to take a different look at Australia and its cultural identity. I wanted to see how these spaces translate the character, stories and lives of their owners, so when viewed together they create a narrative of the Australian male society. This asks us to look at the question of what the shed’s purpose is beyond the practical?

Some owners call them their church, haven or home from home. They provide a form of therapy for a nation of men who statistically don’t go to therapy; they have caused divorces and saved marriages. They are more than just sheds – they are a man’s cave.


3. What is the future for this project, have you managed to monetize it?

The project is to become a book and a large exhibition and the images are already on sale through my gallery in New York.

4. So, what’s your grub of choice?

Meal of choice… mmm,  well would have to be Spanish.

Jasper White

All Images Courtesy Jasper White



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