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Photographer Interview – Peter Dench


1. For those few who are unfamiliar with you and your work, could you give us a brief intro?

Colourful, quirky, humorous human interest reportage photography.

2. Since we are talking about ‘professional projects’ (making a living as a photographer) at the next Start Up event, what are the ways you make ends meet as a photographer?

I run an illegal counterfeit clothing business. Not really. I try to create as many income stream possibilities as possible: Commercial and editorial commissions; writing; print sales (I’m represented by the Getty Gallery); stock sales and my work as Co-Creative Director at White Cloth Gallery Leeds UK.


3. You have successfully published several projects, latest being ‘The Dench Diary Paperback Book’ (which I have enjoyed reading in Hungry Eye magazine over the years) Could you tell us more about this book?

You only ever read about photographers success; the grants and awards they’ve won, the exhibitions about to open. I’ve had my fair share but understand there are many moments in between. It’s these times and experiences I wanted to bring to the public, the struggle between the highs.

4. At the next event, we will have 11 different dishes of tapas on the night, which one excites you the most?

There’d better be chorizo and prawns, but not together.


5. Lastly, why is it important for photographers to get together and connect at events such as these?

These are exciting times, creative times and collaborative times. Photography for me, for a long time, was a solitary and often selfish pursuit. Circumstances in the industry have shifted. It’s essential for me to share skills and seek those of others for projects, not just photographers, designers, editors and beyond the profession.



All Images Courtesy Peter Dench

We will be giving a way a copy to one lucky winner at the next Start Up event. More info.


Peter’s ‘The Dench Diary Paperback Book’ is out now in limited edition (250) and can be purchased here.

Peter Dench – BIO

According to his Biography Peter was ‘Made in England’ 1972, joined Reportage by Getty Images in January 2012.

Dench achieved a World Press Photo Award in the People in the News Stories category and participated in the World Press Joop Masterclass. Solo exhibitions include ‘LoveUK’ in Cardiff, UK and ‘England Uncensored’ at the 2011 Visa pour l’Image fesitval of photojournaliam in France and the Periscopio festival, Spain. In 2010, Dench placed 2nd in Advertising at the Sony World Photography Awards.

For more work by Peter Dench click here 



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