Photographers' Dining Club

Photographer Interview – James O Jenkins

1.¬†You are prolific and do a lot for the photographic community in the UK. Could you tell us all the things you are involved in? I don’t really think I’m very prolific. I’m a jobbing professional photographer with a pretty…

Photographer Interview – Phil Sharp

1. Firstly, could you tell us about the breadth of your work? What are you known most for? My practise is split between 3 sectors – Advertising, Music industry, Actor’s head shots. 2. How do you split your personal and…

Photographer Interview – Peter Dench

1. For those few who are unfamiliar with you and your work, could you give us a brief intro? Colourful, quirky, humorous human interest reportage photography. 2. Since we are talking about ‘professional projects’ (making a living as a photographer)…


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